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Why Should You Use a Colour Consultant?

By rebeccarandall, Aug 31 2016 10:41AM

Do you feel completely overwhelmed by the myriad of colours available and do you feel slightly afraid of colour?

How many times have you been to the DIY store or the decorating shop to pick up colour charts, colour swatches and small pots of paint?

The wall in your dining room now has a rainbow effect with all the different colours you have painted onto it and the swatches you have attached with blu-tack. And yes, that vibrant maroon could be difficult to cover over if you go with that delicate shade of primrose yellow.

What’s worse is that you actually still have no idea which colour you want or which shade of colour you like.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It’s time to call in a Colour Consultant!

A professional Colour Consultant will save you:

• Time

• Money

• Work

Let an expert dispel the guesswork

When you consider a design, colour is definitely the single most important component. So, don’t beat yourself up because you have fretted about it for days, even weeks! It’s a challenging task to select the right colour and choosing the wrong one can prove to be totally exasperating.

Let a Colour Consultant take the guesswork out of it and let them create a palette of colours that will work for your room and ultimately work for your lifestyle incorporating your personal taste.

What should you be looking for when you choose your Colour Consultant?

It’s important that you feel comfortable with the person you choose. Chatting on the telephone is a good indicator as to how well you will get on with your chosen expert. A good Colour Consultant will be able to:

• Enhance Your Room

• Work Within a Modern or Traditional Home

• Incorporate Existing Furnishings and Features

• Discuss Options

• Work With Your Preferences

• Be Transparent About Costs

By being an expert on the various paint products on the market, a Colour Consultant can recommend the right ones for your project. Colours look very different under different lighting conditions and colours do absorb light. You need to know that the comforting green you select does not end up looking watery or leafy.

Choosing the right colour is an investment and not an expense!

If you are looking for a Colour Consultant, Colour and Design is based in Tunbridge Wells and is working with clients throughout Kent and Sussex to select the colours that will reflect your true personality and that will enhance your life. Please call Rebecca on 07766 493 985 for an appointment.

Sep 25 2018 01:13PM by Scott

I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "excercise" on your website. Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility. In the past I've used a tool like SpellingScan.com to keep mistakes off my website.

-Scott Matthews Sr.

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