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Create Dream Designs By Being In Harmony With Your Designer

By rebeccarandall, Nov 12 2016 11:46AM

Working with a new client can be exciting, exhilarating and challenging as well as nerve wracking and daunting. In the design business it’s important that you and your client are a good “fit” and here I mean you establish a relationship and rapport early on which means you will be able to work together to get the desired outcome.

It’s good to know that the client is comfortable with you and is going to be excited by your ideas. Try to establish this understanding before the start of the job. Many hours can be wasted if you and your client aren’t on the same wavelength.

Trust is Paramount

Trust is probably the number one influencing factor to the success of any type of relationship. Once this is gained, it allows for open communication, autonomy, mutual respect and effective collaboration. This lets the designer produce their best and most creative work.

Working with Applied Colour Psychology, I’m able to use my skills to discover the design personality and colour personality of my clients and this helps to prevent a mismatch and generally makes any ideas presented more likely to please the client. The aim is to get the client animated, enthusiastic and receptive to the design ideas.

Colour Personality

When considering your Colour Personality, it’s not about what colours you like to wear or what colour you want to paint your living room, it’s how colours impact on your choices, feelings and behaviour.

Design Personality

Are you Minimalist, Shabby Chic or Classic?

It’s important to establish what your interior decor personality is to begin with and then work from there.

A minimalist can be described as a perfectionist, methodical, efficient, determined and introverted whereas if you prefer the Shabby Chic style you are charismatic, highly social, artistic, warm and in love with nature and if you have a tendency for classic design, you can be described as noble, charming, upright yet rigid and ageless.


When establishing a relationship with a client it’s best for both parties to be open, honest and transparent as well as being themselves. These qualities make for a great working relationship which will in turn lead to a successful and rewarding project.

Your home is a blank canvas and bringing it to life should be fun! Establishing your design focus will save you time, hassle and stress along the way.

If you would like help in designing your next project and are looking for a designer who you can work with to create the design of your dreams, please call Rebecca Randall on 07766 493985 or email info@rebeccarandall.co.uk

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